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Looking for a thrilling water adventure? Look no further than Seadoo PWCs! Seadoo is a leading brand in personal watercraft, providing high-performance and sturdy jet skis for all your aquatic pursuits. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned water sports enthusiast, Seadoo has a PWC that suits your needs. From the exhilarating speed of the RXP-X to the versatile and family-friendly GTI models, Seadoo offers a wide range of options to choose from.


Explore lakes, explore rivers, or conquer the waves in style with Seadoo. These top-of-the-line watercrafts are equipped with innovative features, such as intelligent braking systems and adjustable trim levels, ensuring a safe and thrilling ride every time. If you’re in the market for a Seadoo PWC, browse our selection of Seadoo PWCs for sale and find your perfect match. Take your water adventures to the next level with a Seadoo PWC!

Sea-Doo Jet Skis: A Thrilling Ride on the Water

Sea-Doo personal watercrafts (PWCs) are a popular choice for water sports enthusiasts looking to enjoy the thrill of speed and the freedom of the open water. The 2024 Sea-Doo lineup offers a range of models to suit various needs, from the playful and affordable Spark series to the luxurious and powerful GTX Limited. With advanced features and design improvements, the latest Sea-Doo PWCs promise an enhanced on-water experience, whether it’s for high-speed adventures, leisurely tours, or family fun. For those interested in the latest models and deals, the Sea-Doo website provides detailed information and special offers.


Sea-Doo PWCs are known for their innovation and performance on the water, offering various models for different needs, from leisurely rides to high-speed adventures. When selecting a PWC, it’s important to consider the engine size, seating capacity, and intended use to ensure it meets your requirements.

Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $299.99.
Original price was: $1,099.99.Current price is: $899.99.



The 2024 Sea-Doo lineup offers a variety of models for different types of water activities. Here are some highlights:

  • Rec Lite: The 2024 Spark starts at $6,999 and is designed to maximize your summer fun on the water. The Spark Trixx, starting at $9,099, makes pulling off tricks so easy and so much fun.

  • Recreation: The GTI, starting at $11,499, boasts versatile capabilities that expand your horizons on the water. The GTI SE, starting at $12,299, amps up the adventure with more convenience, more comfort, and a sound system.

  • Touring: The GTX, starting at $15,199, is built to be more than a ride, offering the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and swagger. The GTX Limited, starting at $19,699, is the platinum standard for luxury with power to match.

  • Performance: The GTR, starting at $14,099, offers inspiring power at an affordable price. The GTR-X, starting at $16,999, offers a sensational way to enter the world of adrenaline-minded personal watercraft.

  • New Models: The lineup also introduces new models like the Explorer Pro 230 and the GTR-X 300.


The 2024 Sea-Doo Lineup: A Variety of Choices

Sea-Doo offers a diverse lineup of PWCs, each designed to deliver a specific experience on the water. Here are some notable Sea-Doo models:

  1. Supercharged Family Fun: Sea-Doo GTX 300

    • The GTX 300 combines power, comfort, and versatility. It’s perfect for family outings, with room for passengers and storage space for gear.
  2. Affordable and Upgradable: Sea-Doo Spark 60 HP

    • The Spark 60 HP is an entry-level model that won’t break the bank. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and can be upgraded with various accessories.
  3. The BMX of the Water: Sea-Doo Spark Trixx

    • If you’re into tricks and stunts, the Spark Trixx is your ride. It features adjustable handlebars, extended rear platform, and playful agility.
  4. Quickest Jet Ski: Sea-Doo RXP-X 325

    • The RXP-X 325 is built for speed enthusiasts. With a supercharged engine and precise handling, it’s a thrill-seeker’s dream.
  5. Best Towing Jet Ski: Sea-Doo Wake Pro

    • Wakeboarders and water sports enthusiasts will appreciate the Wake Pro’s towing capabilities and comfortable seating.
  6. Most Versatile: Sea-Doo Explorer Pro

    • The Explorer Pro is designed for exploration. It handles rough waters, has ample storage, and offers a stable ride.
  7. Best Entry-Level Fishing Companion: Sea-Doo Fish Pro Scout

    • Anglers rejoice! The Fish Pro Scout comes with a fishing cooler, rod holders, and a comfortable seat for long days on the water.
  8. Big Swell Performance: Sea-Doo RXT-X

    • The RXT-X is all about power and stability. It’s ideal for riders who crave adrenaline and want to conquer waves.


The 2023 Sea-Doo lineup offers a diverse range of watercraft, each designed to cater to different preferences and activities. From the exhilarating Spark Trixx, starting at $8,799, to the luxurious GTX Limited, starting at $18,899, there’s a model for every type of water enthusiast. The lineup includes features such as the Intelligent Debris Free Pump System and Garmin 7″ touchscreen GPS on select models, enhancing both performance and navigation capabilities. With a focus on innovation and excitement, the 2023 Sea-Doo models promise to elevate the personal watercraft experience to new heights.


2023 Wave Runner lineup is now available, with new color schemes and minor cosmetic changes across the board. Other enhancements include Rec Deck, which is now standard on all GP and VX Wave runners, and FX models, which now include an LED-lit glove box, USB port, microphone for smartphone calls, and the Premium audio system (except FX HO). Waverunners 2023 >


Looking for a Seadoo Switch pontoon for sale near you? Your search ends here! We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to own this versatile and powerful watercraft.

The Seadoo Switch is a game-changer in the world of pontoons, combining performance, comfort, and innovation into one incredible package. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, the Seadoo Switch delivers an exhilarating experience on the water. Whether you’re cruising with friends and family or enjoying a solo adventure, this pontoon is guaranteed to impress.

Its spacious seating arrangement ensures everyone can relax in style, while the powerful engine provides thrilling acceleration and speed. But that’s not all – the Seadoo Switch is also packed with features that enhance your boating experience.

From the easy-to-navigate control panel to the ample storage compartments, everything is designed with your convenience in mind. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a Seadoo Switch pontoon. Find the best deal near you and make your dreams of endless fun on the water a reality.


The Sea-Doo Switch Sport is Geared toward your active lifestyle with watersports-ready features and spacious versatility. Driving a jet ski is fun. Pontons are ideal for groups. The Sea-Doo switch combines both. This new watercraft is powered by a Rotax jet drive and has handlebar steering that makes it far more agile than a typical pontoon. The modular deck is just as important, which can be configured and converted as required to meet the requirements of the day, regardless of whether it is about fishing, water sports, or just hanging out. Available in lengths of 16 to 21 feet, it is good for up to 9 passengers.

A great choice for added on-board space and seating that offers great value for money. It allows up to 8 passengers and offers more room for personalization.

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The SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™ is a visionary design for an underwater adventure1. It’s a personal propeller device that’s used for underwater exploration and fun. Here are some key features:

  • RS Series: The RS series models have been upgraded with a removable GoPro mount, which guarantees the most thrilling and energy-efficient underwater ride1.

  • LI-ION Powered: The Seascooter™ RS introduces the first LI-ION battery system in a lightweight recreational Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV). The battery is also removable for external charging and simple battery replacement12. This Lithium-Ion battery provides double the lifespan of conventional batteries and significantly reduces charging time1.

  • Lightweight: The Seascooter™ RS Series is the first serious lightweight-recreational Seascooter™1.

  • Speed and Depth: The Sea Scooter Dolphin can run at a speed of 2mph at a depth down to 15’

Original price was: $1,499.00.Current price is: $1,299.00.
Original price was: $1,099.99.Current price is: $899.99.
Original price was: $899.99.Current price is: $719.99.
Original price was: $279.00.Current price is: $250.00.
Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $299.99.
Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $314.99.

2024 Sea-Doo GTI

Sea-Doo Seascooter GTI

Original price was: $499.00.Current price is: $399.99.


The experiences


Seasoned Sea‑Dooers share experiences

It’s time for new things in Greece! Get out on the water with their SeaDoos. Competitive friends Orestis and John are childhood friends with years of Sea-Doo experience. For them, a Sea Doo is better than a boat because of their ability to get you into places you wouldn’t get to on a boat. See them share their love of Sea Doo with Annie, Eva, and you!


Make van life exciting with Sea-Doo

For this episode of Sea-Doo Adventures,  heading to Greece might be a great idea, to Athens. Enjoy the adventure with sea-doos, since it affords freedom from the complexity of the city. By adding a Sea-Doo to the mix, they exponentially increase their options for adventures. For any of you yearning for a different kind of Sea-Doo experience, watch and learn!

Enjoy the outdoors by the water

For those who have live most of thier lives  by Lakes , sea-doos makes you  feel much more  at home outdoors. It’s there where one can truly free the human mind. With a Sea-Doo, she can experience a new kind of freedom. Going water camping on Sea-Doos, could very well open your mind, too.

Take a different kind of fishing trip

Living around lakes your whole life – but never before on a Sea-Doo? In this episode of Sea-Doo Adventures, you’ll see a seasoned fisher experience a whole new kind of thrilling adventure.


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